Garage door lockHave you been considering adding some locks to your Dunwoody, GA garage door? Many folks have not even heard of this option but it’s a good one to consider. First, let’s take into account your garage itself. Look around it and what do you see? Most noticeable would be your car(s). You might also notice other forms of transportation like bicycles, golf cart, ATV (all-terrain vehicle), motorcycle, and of course, your lawn mower. You paid good money for all of these items and if you add up their value it can be quite a sum!


Also in your garage might be other items of worth like tools, benches, shelves, tables, storage cabinets, hot water heater, water softener, garden supplies and lots more! You naturally want to protect these items from theft or vandalism and here’s where garage door locks can come into play. Any thief that accesses your garage can close the door and work “behind the scenes” completely unnoticed from the street and this even includes picking your door lock that leads to your home’s interior!


Taking a few simple precautions can really make a difference in your home security. Be sure that bushes or hedges are trimmed

and free of clutter if they are near your garage door entrance. You don’t need to help any crooks by providing a hiding place for them to dash from or to observe your activity better! You might consider a garage door light directly overhead your garage or on either side of it. Many of these lights can be also activated by motion so that they come on as soon as anyone comes into close proximity. This alone can be a huge deterrent to a burglar or intruder.


Getting locks for your garage door can be a very smart move. You don’t need to spend a fortune for really good locks but don’t go cheap either (the old “you get what you pay for” story!). It’s a fact – insist on quality and in this case it pays to shop around for not only pricing but reviews. Make some calls, go online and do your homework; having good garage door locks can save you stress and money in the long run. Consider what you’ve spent on items inside the garage (your vehicles and other belongings) if you need a self-reminder! Even a comprehensive insurance policy will not cover full replacement of your goods and vehicles so consider good garage door locks as an investment and not an expense.


Here in Dunwoody, GA there are a large variety of locksmith shops that offer help with residential and commercial garage door locks. Most will be happy to discuss your particular garage door lock needs with you and give you some additional tips and ideas. Get some free price quotes and warranty information while you are at it. You can also try the DIY (do-it-yourself) option and look around online for both locks and installation procedures. Use sites like Amazon, Craigslist, E-Bay, Angie’s List, YouTube and others to get supplies, installation methods and other useful tips. Of course you can always call Dunwoody GA Locksmith for any and all of the above and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you every step of the way.


The best locks for your garage door will work well with both your type of garage door and your other hardware. Look for a lock that can work well with your existing automatic garage door closer as well as with your alarm system and your remote control device. It’s wise to check to make sure that your closer has a safety device that allows the garage door to stop and reverse itself if anyone or anything obstructs it.

Your automatic garage door opener is the most common type of lock for your garage door. When your door is in the “down” position, it cannot be opened manually. The T Handle Lock is another popular lock. This lock is on the outside of your garage door (in the shape of a T) and uses a key to open. When you use your key and turn the handle it pulls a bar through the track of the door locking it down or releasing it so that the door can be opened. The slide lock is a small metal box that is attached to the left or right side of the door. It has a slide handle that “slides” a bar through the track and locks it down. At the tip of the bar is a hole so that you can put a padlock on it and lock the garage door down. Slide locks are the most inexpensive locks on the market and once the padlock is in place the garage door cannot be opened from the inside or outside without a key or combination to the padlock. Be double sure to not operate your opener system if the slide lock is in place and secured! The resulting damage could be expensive and completely needless so be careful!


If possible, opt for garage door locks that have a recessed handle. These are the ones that are released when rotated. These recessed handles make it harder for burglars to pry open your hardware by using a crowbar or other tool as they can’t access it so easily when it is in a recessed position.

Also, be careful of garage door windows. Sure, they let in light but they offer a glimpse of the interior of your garage especially at night. Worse still, they are easy to break open and reach inside where anyone can pull on the emergency release handle and get your garage door open that way. Your Dunwoody, GA garage door can be secured and it doesn’t have to be expensive so do your research and don’t forget to call Dunwoody GA Locksmith if you’d like some professional and very affordable help locking your garage door!

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